Miley Cyrus On Gypsy Heart Tour


Miley Cyrus continued her sexy romp through South American with a rousing concert at the Jockey Club at Paraguayo Stadium in Asuncion last night. According to local reports Miley is traveling in true diva style.
The former Disney star wore high-waisted leather hot pants, a zip-up crotch, push-up bra and black suspenders, drawing comparisons to Rihanna who wore similar sexually charged outfits in her video for the single “S&M.”
Miley asked for 102 red roses scented with vanilla for her hotel room in Quito, Ecuador, according to her contract rider, details of which were published in local newspapers.
So also demanded only white towels in her bathroom, a refrigerator stocked with broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and fruit. And, she also ordered beer, but no other alcohol.
The Gypsy Heart Tour kicked off in April 29 in Quito, Ecuador and ends July 2 after hitting the Philippines and Australia.
Miley has been raising eyebrows all across the continent with her provocative outfits as she shows off her new rock-star image.